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Why farmed? 6 reasons to go for Nordic Halibut

A fresh Nordic Halibut head with greens and colourful peppers on a grey slate

As Atlantic halibut farmers, we often get the question about farmed vs. wild halibut. Although we are passionate about farming, we do not necessarily see aquaculture and wild fishery as opponents. We believe each has their own role to play, and if each act responsibly, our oceans will be managed well and flourish.

But if you ask us why anyone should eat Nordic Halibut, here are a few reasons to go for it.

  1. Controlled diet: Nordic Halibuts eat sustainable feed adjusted to their needs. A good diet supports the safety of your seafood.
  2. Safe to eat raw: Nordic Halibuts are tested for parasites regularly and are safe to eat raw. This is good news for all sushi, ceviche and carpaccio lovers.
  3. Predictability: Nordic Halibuts can be harvested all year with predictable volumes and sizes. Keeping halibut on your menu has never been easier.
  4. Consistency: A regulated diet, and controlled living and harvesting conditions help keep consistent quality. Our aim is a top-quality Nordic Halibut that is just as delicious each time.
  5. Stress-free: We want our fish to have a good life from eggs to harvest, with plenty of living space and healthy feed.
  6. Heavy metal(s): You might love that style of music but heavy metals in your seafood are a whole different matter. Norwegian seafood research has shown that heavy metals do not exceed tolerable limits in farmed halibut.

For our customers, download our “6 reasons to go for Nordic Halibut” at our Customer Corner.