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Submission of listing application to Oslo Børs: A new era in halibut farming

Edvard Henden, Nordic Halibut CEO smiling at the camera

We at Nordic Halibut have built a unique foundation for scalable production of halibut through systematic and dedicated work across several disciplines since the company’s inception. We are now ready to significantly ramp up volumes of a fantastic species that is adapted to the conditions here in the northwest coast of Norway. Our sea-based locations provide the necessary conditions for our halibut to thrive and grow in the most sustainable way.

Furthermore, it is the product’s fantastic properties in terms of nutritional value, usability and high fillet yield that form the basis and open the possibility for producing sustainable superfood. A product with these properties has extreme profitability potential if produced on the right scale and in the right way. Nordic Halibut has over the years secured the best professionals with the right mindset ready to lead and execute our ambitious growth plan. It is the people in Nordic Halibut and our passion for sustainable fish production that really makes the difference.

It is with great enthusiasm that we at Nordic Halibut, our owners, and other key partners take on the journey ahead with great confidence. Sustainable superfood coupled with significant volumes and profitability potential makes us now all business: Plan the work – Work the plan!

I would like to invite you to join us on this journey and feel free to get in touch if you have any questions.

Edvard Henden,
CEO / Nordic Halibut