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Nordic Halibut: Your Everyday Luxury

Halibut sushi looking like a rose

Atlantic halibut farming begun a quarter of the century ago – out of fascination for this astonishing flatfish but also out of concern for its dwindling numbers in the wild.

A fish so loved was disappearing.

25 years on, there is no clear agreement on wild numbers. Hippoglossus hippoglossus, as it is called by its Latin name, is sometimes classified as “Critically Endangered”, sometimes as “Least Concern”.

But in aquaculture, one thing is sure: Farmed halibut is doing well and offering new options for seafood lovers.

No longer seasonal, no longer only for special occasions, Atlantic halibut is now a fish that you can enjoy every day all through the year.

A bit like rose-scented baths and champagne, worthy of your top list of everyday luxuries.

🍣 Nordic Halibut sushi rose by Sushi Bar Kristiansund
📷 Ann Kristin Fladset