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R&D-project on bacterial maturation of water gives promising results

In 2019 Nordic Halibut started a project with ambitions to further develop and acquire knowledge of bacterial maturation of water after promising results from previously completed projects. The goal of the project was to reduce mortality and increase growth rates in the on-growing phase. The objective will create a basis for stability and predictability for long-term sustainable and profitable operations. The project has been carried out with support from Innovation Norway.

The company has periodically experienced high and unpredictable mortality in the on-growing phase, which has been a limitation for further development and growth. Through multiple trials the company has seen promising results both in terms of survival and growth through bacterial maturation of intake water to fish tanks and has worked extensively over time with this.

During the implementation of the project, the reactors with bacteria matured water had for long periods very good effects both on growth and survival in this production phase. Periodically, there was a collapse in the system where there was instability in filters with high bacterial counts, which then led to disease and mortality. The same course of events repeated itself in all rounds early in the project, with varying periods before the collapse occurred.

The processes were evaluated, and what was considered to be success factors was built on:

  • Stable water chemical conditions
  • Low bacteria levels

After evaluation of the results, extensive changes have been made to facilities, operations and operating routines in order to meet revealed requirements for stability in the system.

Concrete measures taken that have had an impact on the fish tank environment and bacteria level are:

  • Increased water replacement by lowering the water level in the fish tanks
  • Frequent cleaning of the bottom of the fish tank
  • Goal oriented work analyzing and stabilizing chemical water parameters through logging and measures to prevent instability.
  • Water purification and filtration adapted to size
  • Stabilization of water temperature

Nordic Halibut has with the support of Innovation Norway taken bacterial maturation of water from idea and small-scale experiments to industrial scale through the project. The conclusion is that bacterial maturation of water works as intended under stable conditions and as described by NTNU and Attramadal. Mortality has been greatly reduced along with reduced, and in some cases, halved production time in the on-growing phase. The company sees bacterial maturation of water as a potential solution to the challenges associated with instability in sea water, which is a major challenge in the land-based systems including RAS technology and continues to work on the implementation of bacterially matured water.

For more information about the project, please contact;

CEO Edvard Henden,, +47 911 41 165, or

COO Ann Kristin Fladset,, +47 977 31 304