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Sustainable production of healthy protein is at the core of Nordic Halibut’s business.

Nordic Halibut will be a sustainable producer contributing to a blue future with product quality and fish welfare as key part of the Company’s ambition to produce 4.500 tonnes HOG within 2026 and 9.000 tonnes HOG within 2030.

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GlobalG.A.P Certification

The standard covers the entire production value chain from broodstock and juveniles to farming and harvesting.

GlobalG.A.P. certification demonstrates Nordic Halibut’s commitment and operational focus on sustainable halibut farming. The certification ensures that the production meets all international requirements for food safety, sustainability and welfare for both fish and employees throughout the value chain.

The audit, performed by Kolos Aqua AS, assured Nordic Halibut compliance with strict criterions for food safety, animal health and welfare, environmental sustainability and biodiversity, workers’ well-being, production processes, legal compliance, and traceability.

Nordic Halibut also underwent the GlobalG.A.P. Risk Assessment on Social Practice (GRASP), a part of the certification process applied to assess social risks in primary production and to provide additional transparency to supply chain partners.

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The Transparency Act

The Transparency Act requires larger Norwegian companies to conduct and report on due diligence assessments in their value chain and own operations.

Nordic Halibut respects internationally recognized human rights and labor rights throughout our operations and within our supply chain. Respecting human rights is fundamental to conducting business in an ethical and moral manner.

Nordic Halibut operates in accordance with the Norwegian Transparency Act, which came into effect on July 1, 2022, to promote respect for fundamental human rights and decent working conditions.

This commitment is anchored in our board of directors, and we have dedicated resources for mapping, risk analysis, due diligence assessments, 
annual reporting, and handling information requests.

Our Code of Conduct outlines clear requirements and guidelines for our operations, including the adherence to human rights and labor rights.

Read the report (in Norwegian) Redegjørelse – Åpenhetsloven

For more information about how Nordic Halibut ensures basic human rights and decent working conditions, please email us at