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Don’t like fish? 7 reasons to try Nordic Halibut anyway

A home-made halibut burger with Caribbean coleslaw

Let’s face it. Some people just don’t like fish.
They hate the smell of it and they hate the sight of it.
But with so much talk about how healthy seafood is, you might be thinking about putting fish on your menu anyway.
And Atlantic halibut is a good place to start.

Here are 7 reasons why.

  1. Don’t like fish smell? Halibut has very delicate smell. Your kitchen won’t smell like a seafood market for days on end.
  2. Don’t like how fish tastes? Forget about your fears. Halibut is mild, delicate and sweet.
  3. Afraid of fish bones? Halibut has a robust bone structure that is easy to remove. No tedious bone picking.
  4. Prefer meat? Halibut often comes in thick fillets and meaty steaks and some chefs even call it the Steak of the Sea.
  5. Build your muscle! With 20% protein, halibut is as good a source of protein as pork, beef or lamb.
  6. Dislike traditional? Halibut is a good fit for all kind of recipes and cuisines. No need to stick to pan-seared and salt, pepper and lemon only.
  7. No time for cooking? Halibut cooks fast and can be enjoyed in no time.

For our customers, download our “7 reasons to try Nordic Halibut” at our Customer Corner.
📸 Inga Mölder