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5 Wild (and Not So Wild) Ideas for Happy Halibuts

Young halibut in a sorting tank

En glad laks (“a happy salmon”) is an expression Norwegians use to describe people that generally have a happy disposition. We, the halibut people, naturally like to call them happy halibuts instead.
Being a “happy halibut” at the start of 2021 is not an easy task though, but here are a few ideas to boost your well-being:

  1. Eat plenty of veggies and protein. Atlantic halibut is an excellent addition to your diet with just 2 % fat and 20 % protein. A good diet can boost your happiness over time.
  2. Test a new halibut recipe. Trying new things activates your brain and increases your well-being. (Bonus: Eating something delicious.)
  3. Learn something new. Do you know why halibut have their eyes on the same side? Why do they swim flat on their side, not upright like salmon? Curious people are said to be happier and find more fulfilment in life.
  4. Do something good to make you feel good. How about finding new ways to decrease food waste? Why not start with using all parts of that halibut in your fridge?
  5. Watch animal videos. Taking 5 minutes to watch cat videos can help fight stress, but we believe watching a halibut swim is just as good. Click here for your daily dose of halibut on Instagram.

For our customers, download our “Ideas for Happy Halibuts” at our Customer Corner.
📸 Inga Mölder