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25 Years of Nordic Halibut

Nordic Halibut CEO Edvard Henden smiling
Edvard Henden, CEO

25 years ago, in June 1995, Nordic Halibut AS was founded and the work on developing a new species in fish farming was begun with great optimism and enthusiasm. It was a start of an educational journey with ups and downs, inspiring as well as challenging on many different levels.

In retrospect, we can admit that commercializing a wild fish is a process that has taken longer and been considerably more demanding than we imagined at the time. Creating a fully integrated production chain is challenging no matter the species and happens very rarely. There are many steps to follow through and biological and technical issues to solve to achieve a profitable product.

However, it has also been a successful journey, and our optimism and enthusiasm are the same as they were 25 years ago. We are proud to have created a finished, high-quality product with fantastic potential that is shipped to a growing market worldwide.

Today, one of the most important aspects in seafood is sustainability, which is also a focus for Nordic Halibut, our employees, owners and customers. 70% of the world’s fishery resources are already over-fished and with a growing global population, seafood farming is an important contributor to sustainable food production. Developing an integrated aquaculture system from breeding and genetics to technology and sales that is scalable and allows for efficient production has always been a goal for us. It is with pleasure that we can now say that this system is in place and promises good for the future.

There are many people who deserve thanks for the efforts made over the years, from investors to customers who have supported and followed us. Most of all, we want to thank the solution-oriented innovators within the company, several of whom have been working with us from the very beginning and many for almost a decade or two. We are happy that these people carry on the work but also pleased to see that our team is strengthened by several younger people sharing the same enthusiasm and passion. It is with satisfaction and joy that I lead this team into future challenges and successes.

My heartfelt thanks to everyone who have been with us through the first 25 years.
I look forward to our further cooperation.

Edvard Henden,
CEO / Nordic Halibut